Helpful Author Tips

October 31, 2008

Hi there Light Violet here these are some helpful suthor tips especially to stay on my site:

1.Post often

2.Put pictures in your posts

3.Get something like twitter or go in xat chats to let people know you

4.Contact me for more tips I will give you my email I didnt use for wordpress bcause I am too busy to be authors davidjosep51480@yahoo.com

7.Get your own website and get on others and advertize it to get a lot of hits for tips to get a lot of hits contact me with that same email or find me on twitter or chat or club penguin and ask

~Light Violet signing out~



  1. hey dude i changed the date for my party so I’m having it a different date. More info at my site!

  2. and can i be an author?

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