Bryan Omar is an Author!!!!

October 7, 2008

Hi everyone!!!!!!

Light Violet make me an author and now I’m gonna do a post that explain everything about myself.


My name on CP is Bryan Omar if you see me you can say Hi to me or send me a postcard even a friend request and if I’m not cranky (mad) that day I will accept it.


Well I go almost all the time on the sever Fjord from 11:00 PST to 2:00 PST. My favorite places on Club Penguin are:




-Soccer Pitch

-Snow Forts

-My igloo ( You can’t visit it unless you are me friend cuz I’m not a member 😦 )

For now you will see me with these clothes:

I also have another penguin call Bo 002.

I have my own site, it is: http://www.cheescaomar.wordpress.com if you want to visit it you are welcome in there.

Well I’ll be posting as soon as I can in here when something new has been released.

P.S. Light Violet put a post on how to do the mission number 9 on Club Penguin so go take a look at it

-Bryan Omar


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